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The Momentous   Daily Planner

Stop waking up each morning wondering what you should do and which task is most important. It's time to get organised.

Your daily planner will keep you on track and moving towards the life you want.

The Momentous   Life Planner

It's no good gaining the world and losing your soul. Your Life Alignment Planner will help you ensure you're winning in all the areas you care about.

Build a life you can look back on and be proud of.

nicole brown

Nicole Brown

Bachelor of Science (Psychology). 
BA Honours (Psychology).
PG Certificate of Clinical Psychology.
PG Diploma in Education and Learning.
20 years clinical experience as a psychologist.

I get it.

Choosing a planner can be hard. They promise the world but deliver very little.

After being overwhelmed by the mountain of everyday tasks and demands life through at me nothing ever seemed enough. 

I’d get one area of my life under control while another fell apart: Relationships, health, work and more. I was productive but focused on the wrong things and couldn’t get the balance I was looking for. 

I went searching and bought planner after planner. I would even carry 3 types around in my bag but they still lacked science based strategies on how the brain works to create a successful life. 

That’s why I created The Momentous Planner. 

~ Nic


How the Momentous Planners can help you

Uncover what truly motivates you to achieve your goals and what holds you back.

A step by step process to help you reverse engineer the roadmap to your purpose.

Define your life balance.

Set goals that will advance your life in all areas.

Break down your life goals to yearly, monthly and daily chunks that help you stay in control and at peace.

Become focused and organised so that even the mundane tasks become opportunities to promote your life’s purpose.

Download your free Life Balance Guide

Feel at harmony with yourself knowing that you are living your life’s purpose, becoming the person you want to be and knowing that you have what it takes to deal with whatever comes your way.