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About Us

I understand what it’s like to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and to have no balance. I also know how important goals and dreams are.

I care about helping you build a balanced life where you accomplish everything that’s important to you.

If you’re like me you’ve experienced what it’s like to have an ever growing to do list, you’re drowning in work and still you have goals to accomplish and a dreams to full-fill. Whatever your situation you need a better plan and a way to work out what’s important and what isn’t.

I’ve been there too and if we had time over a coffee we could share stories and maybe even show each others battle scars (or is that something the boys do).

You’ve likely purchased numerous types of planners. The pretty ones who look beautiful, designed by people in their 20s telling you how to live your best life but they are only just starting theirs. Then there’s the corporate ones that are so dull and boring and then there’s the expensive ones that leave you wondering why did you spend all that money.

It’s wrong that you have had to do all of this and that’s why I created Momentous Planners.

I would walk around with 3 different planners in my bag. Yes 3, my bag was so heavy at the end of the day, I felt like you shoulder was going to fall off.

This forced me to create my own.

I took my 20 years of Psychological experience and developed a planner that works the way your brain works.

I analysed the failures of the other planners from a psychological level and could see why they failed and I didn’t want this for you.

You see when you have a planner designed by someone who knows how the brain works, you are not spending money, you are making an investment. An investment into your future, your emotions and your health.

To ensure you get exactly what you need, for every person who gets the complete system: The Daily Planner & Life Mapping Journal you will be given access to my private Life Balancing MasterClass.

Imagine living a life where you feel more in balance, more alive and more focused…that’s what you will receive when you invest in yourself and get your hands on the Life Planning System.

It’s more than just a journal. You receive a simple step by step blueprint that will have you setting a course to the future you most desire.

It’s time to grab your planner.